Mrs. Melissa


"Great Experience"

I spent a week in santa cruz and set up spanish class for 5 days. they were great, a lot of flexibility in days and times for class. pedro is a fantastic teacher, very patient, and introduced me to local histories as well as learning a lot of new spanish in a week. the classroom is their beautiful yard, full of butterflies and birds, so i also got to learn about the wildlife of lago atitlan.


Mr. Robbie F


Amazing Spanish School of Santa Cruz la Laguna

Manchester, united Kingdom

Reviewed April 12, 2012 NEW

Santa Cruz Spanish School, located in a beautiful spot on Lake Atitlan, is a fantastic place to learn Spanish at your own pace and at any level. I spent two weeks at the school and recieved 4 hours of one on one tutoring for 5 days a week. On top of this, I was given access to their facilities that included: many books to assist learning, free coffee, free internet and extremely large discounts on various tours and expeditions around the lake. They can even organise a cheap and comfortable homestay for you in the Santa Cruz village to give you a chance to practice what you have learnt with your teacher. The main reason that the school is so beneficial is that they always try to involve you with the local culture, rather than just give you your lessons and be done with ya. You will recieve plenty of opportunity to go on day trips with your teacher to local villages and communities so see daily life at the lake, while you exercise your spanish. Overall, the staff are extremely helpful and always do their best to make sure you are getting the best out of your stay here.

The homestay is $70 a week, including a private bathroom and 3 meals per day. The lessons are $80 a week for 4 hours of one on one classes per day, as well as access to books and internet.

Santa Cruz La Laguna is by far the best place on Lake Atitlan. It has off the beaten track walking trails that provide the most beautiful views of the 3 volcanoes. And if you sign up for the spanish lessons at the school, along with the homestay, you will be experiencing this fantastic place in a way that most tourists don´t. You will not regret it.


Miss Rachel Penwarden


A Fabulous Teacher

Nueva Zelanda

I appreciate the combination of comversation, verbs studying and homework, clarinda is a fabulous teacher. She takes time to really listen and makes corrections kindly.

Thanks for your warm welcome.


Mr. James


Great Spanish Teacher

Rochester, Minnesota

I have known Pedro for several years now. I take Spanish lessons from him by Skype every morning that we are both free at 7:30 AM. It has been great, I now can conduct conversations with the natives and it is great fun.



Mrs. Eimi


A Great and Patient Teacher


Clemente knows what he is doing. Thanks for teaching me so much in such a short time. Thanks to Martha as well, her patient was amazing! I highly recommed to study at Santa Cruz Spanish School.


Mr. Matt Fox


The classes were very professional

Oregon, Usa

Thank you very much, The classes were very professional and well run I apreciate all the help that you did according to my needings. I Would certainly recomend the School to anyone, You all did an exelent job, really apreciate your help thank you very much!


Mr. Randall Bogs


Great experience at Santa Cruz Spanish School!

Asheville, North Carolina, USA

I was recently in Panajachel, Guatemala. I took two days of Spanish lessons at Santa Cruz Sanish School, Pedro did more than improve my Spanish! He makes sure that you get to know the culture and the people as well as the language. We went to the nearby Nature Preserve and then to a village overlooking Lake Atitlan. All along the way, we worked on my Spanish and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings. I have been to Panajachel a number of times, yet Pedro showed me things that I had not seen before. Pedro is a great teacher and person to be with. He works hard to make the most of your time with him. I would heartily recommend Pedro and his school for anyone wanting to learn not only Spanish but more of the remarkable people and places where it is spoken.


Mrs. bvD33 - reviewed in Trip Advisor


Pedro took care of everything, and we had a wonderful vacation at his School!

Washington D.C., District of Columbia

I am just returning from a week at Lake Atitlan very grateful for having found Santa Cruz Spanish School over the internet and for having trusted them to organize our vacation. I went with 2 kids--ages 7 and 9--who are in a bilingual elementary school. We all studied spanish with teachers from Santa Cruz Spanish School in the afternoons for about 3.5 hours/day. Obviously, as I was in a class of my own, I could not really observe my kids' classes, but my teacher was excellent. She listened to me when I told her what I most wanted to learn and she organized my classes accordingly. I believe my spanish improved 100% (although I was starting from a very low level). I highly recommend working with Pedro and his Spanish School to anyone planning a visit to lake Atitlan!



Mr. Dave 2011


Santa Cruz Spanish School


My wife and I visited Lake Atitlan in Nov/Dec 2009 and each day we had Spanish lessons at Santa cruz Spanish School and Pedro arranged our tours. My wife felt that her Spanish teacher was the best she has had. I had my Spanish lesson too, and found my teacher very knowledgeable and accommodating for whatever focus I desired. Each afternoon we got arranged tours which were all excellent. If we return we would be sure to make contact with Pedro once again.


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